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Streamlined Reporting For Your Clients

Save dozens of hours per week with automatic data reporting and management

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Per Client Data Reporting 

Dedicated, best-in-class reporting dashboards allows for branding and individualization. Siloed data warehouses keep information secure and independent. A central overview dashboard for your team keeps you focused on what they're best at, and not on switching between accounts.

Highlight KPI's

Showcase Key Performance Indicators that prove your value to your clients without a weekly check-in meeting. Save dozens of hours per week on data aggregation, analysis, and presentation. Instead, have it all done for you automatically, every day. 

Increase Transparency and Trust

Interactive data dashboards and clear metric calculations increase transparency between clients and your agency. Retain clients for longer through trustful and consistent business reporting. 


Focus on What You're Best At

Let Orbit handle the rest

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