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Meet Your
Chief Orbiter -
Your Fractional CIO/CDO

Orbit Metrics serves as your de-facto Chief Information, Digital, and Data Officers (CIO and CDO's) to fill the needs in your organization as you grow. 

We've aptly nicknamed the combination of your CIO, CDO, and CDO to be - drum roll please - Chief Orbiter. 

Orbit Metrics provides the 360-degree, birds-eye view, complete and all-inclusive package for all things relating to your data and insight needs. As your Chief Orbiter, we handle and manage infrastructure, data migration, connection to your data sources, ETL, warehousing, exploratory analysis, visualization platforms, data reporting, and most of all, the confidence to be sure you're making the right decisions for your business while saving you dozens of hours every week.

Data drives business to make the right decisions. Make more money, save time and cost, and grow your bottom line.


Orbit Metrics, as your Chief Orbiter, brings that to your board meetings. 


Our Mission Is to Empower


In-network data connections


Fresh data extracts


Records analyzed daily


Infrastructure and environment uptime

Democratizing Big Data

For years, Big Data has only been accessible to large corporations with dedicated teams, investments, and infrastructure to support it. With nearly 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created every day, Big Data can no longer be ignored by small and medium sized businesses.


Harnessing Big Data for your business provides the insight on how to grow, where to cut costs, and increase your bottom line, all whilst leaving nothing on the table.


Orbit Metrics provides the knowledge, resources, and expertise to bring Big Data to the masses, and empower businesses with the tools they need to succeed in our increasingly digital world. 

The Five V's of Data

And Our Commitment to Each


The amount of data to be collected and analyzed - the namesake of Big Data. We include unlimited data records in our comprehensive packages.


The speed with which data is created and updated. We refresh your data daily to ensure you have the most actionable information.


Data originates from many different sources. We connect to ALL of your sources and collect all the data they have to offer. 


The cleanliness and accuracy of the data. We independently check and verify all raw data with the original source.


The ability to convert raw data into actionable insight. Our core value proposition is to provide you with Value from your data. 

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